TrunkJackets are an original idea born of an age old problem and a little creativity. For years a mother and her daughters have enjoyed shopping and eating out together. On more than one occasion, the restaurants or shops were so cold that enjoying a meal or a shopping excursion became miserable because of the chill. It became a habit of the highly intuitive mother to put a few simple jackets in the trunk of her car so that when she or the girls became too chilled to enjoy the time, she would retrieve a trunk jacket which was simple and was pleasantly warm from being kept in the trunk of the car. This idea struck such a note with them that they began calling them, TrunkJackets. Now with over 400 to their inventory, they are constantly adding more styles and creative decorations to their stock.

TrunkJackets are recycled jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies, and heavier shirts that have been washed, checked for buttons, snaps, hooks, and zippers then cleverly decorated by our own creative designers and marked with our exclusive TrunkJacket logo. No two jackets are exactly the same and we never turn down any tasteful idea to decorate a jacket. Each jacket comes with its own bag that it can be stored in and left in the trunk. Some jackets are elaborately decorated while others are quite simple. To each person who needs a little warmth, we have an answer.

We are constantly expanding and coming up with new ideas which have included expanding our line to CalfCoats…(baby elephants) which are the answer to your child’s needs for warmth and PorchBlankets, your answer to those chilly morning when you want to enjoy the porch and a cup of coffee. As with the adult form of TrunkJackets, each CalfCoat and/or PorchBlanket will come with its own bag to be stored in the trunk for your needs.

It is our mission to help others who need warmth and protection from the elements and therefore, we have committed a portion of our proceeds to charities which will meet that need. We hope you enjoy your TrunkJackets.

Since TrunkJackets are unique in design, we have shown a representative showcase of recent jackets we have done.
The design is limited by your desire to be unique.

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